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NAMA GROUP is a company founded in 2000. In its work, NAMA GROUP utilizes leading tire manufacturing technologies. The foundation is high-quality Malaysian natural rubber and the globally renowned BEKAERT steel wire. Over more than 20 years of operation, NAMA GROUP has produced over 10 million tires for commercial vehicles. NAMA GROUP tires are exported to over 100 countries worldwide. Thanks to the loyalty of distributors, NAMA GROUP is one of the most reliable and reputable brands in the world.

GRIPOWER is one of the most well-known tire manufacturers from Thailand, established over 20 years ago. All GRIPOWER tires are produced using state-of-the-art equipment and undergo quality control at every stage of development. GRIPOWER has long established itself as a reliable manufacturer. The brand holds all the necessary certifications for distributing its tires in more than 120 countries worldwide. GRIPOWER’s main goal is to ensure high product quality for its customers. By selecting the right tires from the GRIPOWER brand, you can maintain optimal road performance and efficiently operate your vehicle.

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Manufactured in modern facilities in Thailand: Our industrial tires are produced in state-of-the-art plants in Thailand that meet global quality standards and are equipped with equipment that helps create a truly high-quality product. This ensures the highest production standards and the reliability of each tire in our "SPASATEL" distribution network.

We offer tires that are on par with global industry leaders in everything except price. Our tires are designed for high performance, durability, and road safety, making them an excellent choice for commercial vehicles and trucks.

We take pride in offering customers competitive prices that allow you to save money without compromising on quality. You will find tires that meet your budget requirements without sacrificing performance and safety with us.

Our assortment includes various tire sizes and models to meet the needs of different types of commercial vehicles and trucks. Our specialists are always ready to help you find the optimal solution.

The "SPASATEL" company aims to provide your business with reliable and cost-effective tires that will serve you for tens of thousands of miles in any conditions. We take pride in our reputation as a reliable supplier of industrial tires and our ability to meet customer needs regardless of the political and economic situation in the world. Make the choice for quality and savings with the "SPASATEL" company. Contact us today, and let's together take your business to new heights.

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Oct 11 2023

I was choosing tires for the upcoming season for my freight transport company based on recommendations from friends and information I found online. I heard a lot about the NAMA GROUP brand. I decided to buy and have no regrets. The delivery took only a few days. As for the tires themselves, the balancing is excellent, the rubber is soft, the car moves much smoother, and the tread is great. We’ll see how it goes in a month, but for now, my team and I are thrilled.

Sep 22 2023

It wouldn’t be fair to compare “SPASATEL” tires, specifically GRIPOWER production, with other brands. After installation, the truck responds precisely to the steering and maneuvers without delay. The tread wear over the season is minimal, considering the rubber is soft and elastic. In general, it’s evident that the tires are manufactured with strict quality control and comply with global standards.

Sep 10 2023
Fred D.

Hello, we ordered tires from “SPASATEL” company. Honestly, I must note the smooth braking. They are perfect for warm seasons! The delivery was fast and trouble-free. Thank you.

Jul 29 2023

Excellent tires, not the first time we’ve chosen ones made in Thailand. But previously, we ordered from a different company. Friends recommended reaching out to Evgeny, and I don’t regret it. The sound is normal, they grip the road well, and the braking is good. For the price, GRIPOWER tires are just what you need!

Jul 10 2023

I want to express my immense gratitude to Evgeny and his managers for the professional consultation and assistance in selecting tires for my commercial vehicles. They grip the road excellently, have great maneuverability, and instill confidence. They perform well in all conditions, be it snow or mountains. Minimal noise. To date, we have covered about 2500 km with no complaints. We have realized that there’s no need to overpay for expensive brands.

Jun 14 2023

Two years ago, I was very skeptical about tires made in Thailand. But the tires from “SPASATEL” company convinced me otherwise. NAMA GROUP tires. I didn’t know about them before, but now I easily recommend them to acquaintances. The tires perform very well. I haven’t tested them in the rain yet, but on dry surfaces, they are excellent. No slipping or squealing on turns. And the price is acceptable!

Jun 7 2023

Tires from “SPASATEL” are simply a dream! You can start on slightly frozen roads without slipping, no skidding at intersections, and on the highway, they are quiet and smooth. They are perfect for the cold season!

Apr 3 2023
Jonathan Cohan

I needed tires for a Mack truck, specifically for long-haul freight transportation. I contacted Evgeny based on recommendations from acquaintances. Sand, mud – nothing is a problem. The tires are great, the quietest I’ve come across.

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