Commercial tires

Commercial tires


Tires for commercial vehicles significantly reduce the load on the engine by reducing resistance during movement. Quality grip during braking significantly enhances safety levels. All of this allows for the safe and economical operation of heavy-duty transport.

Commercial tires are conventionally divided into several groups. However, they share stability during movement at high speeds and maneuverability. Let’s consider the most popular categories of commercial tires and the tasks they need to handle.

Tires for specialized equipment. They should have treads that provide traction on unstable grounds. Tires for agricultural machinery can serve as an example. They have increased load-carrying capacity. Tires for trailers and semi-trailers. In technical characteristics, they are similar to highway or regional tires. They have deep circular grooves. The main task is course stability. Construction tires. Used for construction machinery. Their task is to withstand high loads and resist damage.

To correctly choose tires for a commercial vehicle, you need to understand the types of tire constructions available. A tire consists of the following elements:

Protector Several layers of breaker Carcass Sidewall Side Bead Nylon casing (not available on all models).

The efficiency of transport operation depends on the correct choice of commercial tires. By understanding the technical characteristics and types of tires, you can make an informed choice. And if you need professional assistance, we will be happy to help! Experienced specialists from “SPASATEL” company will select and quickly deliver high-quality tires to the desired location.

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