Commercial Tires from Thailand

Commercial Tires from Thailand


Today, tires produced in Thailand are widely popular and in demand worldwide. Many drivers prefer tires produced in this country precisely because of the impressive balance between price and quality. Tires manufactured in Thailand are a proven product that does not lose its operational properties even when driving off-road.

Why choose tires made in Thailand?

The quality of tires produced in Thailand is confirmed by numerous tests and certificates. This is an excellent alternative to more expensive competitors. Many firms and companies in the USA organizing long-distance freight transportation use Thai tires for their vehicles. At “SPASATEL,” you can purchase tires at reasonable prices directly from the manufacturer. Tire durability is a crucial factor when driving a car, affecting comfort and safety. Good rubber has an elastic structure; it seems to embrace all the bumps and irregularities on the road surface. Taking all these nuances into account, properly selected tires can save fuel significantly!

Only modern production technologies, the highest quality, and the latest special equipment used in production distinguish Thai-manufactured tires in the market. The most popular brands are NAMA GROUP, CHAMPTYRE, and GOODYEAR.

Often, finding suitable tires takes a lot of time, and sometimes the market’s offerings do not match the customer’s needs. You can avoid all these problems if you decide to buy commercial tires from “SPASATEL.” Our catalog has many sizes and varieties of tires that can be selected for any commercial vehicle or long-haul rig.

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