• Reinforced carcass, bead ring, and bead structure afford excellent bearing performance and applicable for the long-haul.
  • Thousands of sipes cut through water film to fight hydroplaning.
  • Wide shoulder and continuous tread lines afford more reasonable stress distribution and more even wear.
  • Four circumferential grooves and the ladder-shaped sipes design with special formula reduce tread temperature and offer high-speed performance.
  • Optimizes fuel efficiency is achieved by low rolling resistance tread and proprietary kerfs.

Available Options

SizeTread Depth (1/32")Long haul / RegionalL.RLoad indexPriceStockQuantity 
295/75R22.527.1Long haulH/16PR146/143L$200.00 48
255/70R22.517.6RegionalH/16PR140/137MFast request