• Thousand of multiple sipes in 5 lines offer optimum traction and shorter braking distance in wet and slippy conditions.
  • Four grooves with waved wall help guarantee outstanding straight drivability and water drainage.
  • Multiple patterns reliably master long-haul and regional on winding and/or hilly roads.

Available Options

SizeTread Depth (1/32")Long haul / RegionalL.RLoad indexPriceStockQuantity 
255/70R22.518.9Long haulH/16PR140/137MFast request
295/75R22.518.9Long haulH/16PR146/143MFast request
295/75R22.518.9Long haulG/14PR144/141MFast request
11R24.520.2Long haulH/16PR149/146MFast request
285/75R24.518.9Long haulH/16PR147/144MFast request
285/75R24.518.9Long haulG/14PR144/141MFast request
11R22.520.2Long haulH/16PR148/145MFast request