• Tough tread compound and solid shoulder ribs to resist maneuvering scrub.
  • A combination of 4 wavy and straight groove provide outstanding traction and drainage performance.
  • Protector ribs on both sidewalls to fight damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions.
  • Strong carcass materials help promote tire durability and provide tire. retreadability.

Available Options

SizeTread Depth (1/32")Long haul / RegionalLoad indexPriceStockQuantity 
275/70R22.5-16PR18.9Long haul148/145MFast request
265/70R19.5-16PR17Long haul140/138MFast request
245/70R19.5-16PR17Long haul135/133MFast request
225/70R19.5-14PR15.7Long haul128/126MFast request
10R22.5-14PR18.3Long haul141/139MFast request